Pedazos de la Isla

"Pieces of the Island"-An English Translation

Detained: Caridad Caballero and Esteban Sander

Through Twitter, Luis Felipe Rojas and Marti News are reporting that Caridad Caballero Batista and her husband Esteban Sander have been detained.

As it tends to occur, this human rights activist was beaten and detained along with her husband and their whereabouts are still unknown, according to a report made by her son Eric Sander to Marti News.

The blog “La Revolucion de los Gladiolos” has also been reporting the latest happenings, informing that Marta Diaz Rondon was impeded from leaving her home in Banes while Caridad Caballero was being detained.

Both activists were recently beaten and detained prior to this particular instance and made some declarations to this blog which can be read here.

Diaz Rondon and Caballero Batista are constantly being watched and suppressed, as is common practice towards all the opposition, but these women remain with their unbreakable and inspiring attitudes.

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